Tiffany and Patrick

Request your presence
for their marriage
March 21, 2015
Saturday evening
The Menger Hotel


The hotel that we will be using as a venue is the classic Menger Hotel in downtown San Antonio, next to the Alamo. However, we do not have an event room or any other rooms booked. The ceremony will be held in the gardens outside the main lobby, weather permitting. If you chose not to stay at the Menger, there are plenty of other options for accommodations in the area, please see the sidebar. Due to the busyness of the season, if you plan on a hotel stay, please book it soon. The best location for parking, if you plan on driving in for the day, is at the Rivercenter Mall.

Map of the area:


This is a very small event, and everyone is very close to us; therefore everyone is expected to be in the photos, and dressed accordingly.

The list of shades includes, but is not exclusive to: medium to light grey, silver, ivory, cream, champagne, blush, and soft pink.

Men, slacks can be light to medium grey or a tan to khaki. Jackets or vests should coordinate. Feel free to rock a kilt if you have one. Bow ties are cool, neckties are acceptable as well.

Women, hems should be past the knee, but floor length is preferred. Cap sleeve are fine, but short sleeve to three-quarters would be better.

Our theme is late nineteenth century, which we hope will encourage fun adornments. Items such as hats, headbands, spats, cuff links, et cetera, would be a welcome addition to any ensemble. That does not mean anyone is expected to conform, or buy things they would never wear for other occasions. Any accessories and embellishments you choose to wear should be colored sapphire blue, emerald green, black, and ivory.

Should you find it helpful, some references have been prepared for inspiration and direction in the sidebar. These are references, do not feel obligated to purchase any of these. Please, don’t feel like it is necessary to get anything expensive; go to any store where you can find what is appropriate.


We have most of the typical gifts given at weddings, and no room for any more until we finish building our house. A wonderful gift, for us, would be an extra fancy dinner in Rome, upgraded accomodations, or a particularly lovely souvenir.
To contribute to our honeymoon in Rome please see our funding site:
Roma is Love Spelled Backwards

However, if you wish to donate to a more worthwhile cause, here are a list of suggestions:
World Wildlife Fund
Electronic Frontier Foundation
Public Media: Wikimedia Foundation, National Public Radio
Veterans: Fisher House Foundation, Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund
Museums: Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Houston Museum of Natural Science, or any local museum
Animal shelters: HOPE, BARC


Saturday, March 14th | 9pm | Houston

A night out on the town. Join us for some fancy drinks, and who knows what else.

Friday, March 20th | 6pm | San Antonio

There will be a rehearsal followed by dinner at Josephine Street Cafe

Saturday, March 21st | Evening | San Antonio

The ceremony will be followed by photos, a champagne toast, cake, dinner at Liberty Bar, and end with drinks in the Menger Bar.

Répondez S’il Vous Plaît

Required by March 7th, 2015.